Heart Disease

What is Coronary Artery Disease : CAD

coronary artery disease develops when the coronary arteries become damaged or diseased. It is the most cause of major illnesses and deaths worldwide. Coronary heart diseases normally happens when fatty deposits called cholesterol accumulate on the artery walls, creating plaques. The arteries are tightening, making it difficult for blood to flow to the heart. What … Read more

What is Angina: Chest Pain, Symptom, Causes, Treatment


Angina is chest pain that occurs and disappears. There are various types of angina. Unstable angina is the most common type of angina caused by coronary artery disease. Rest and medication can alleviate angina and improve the quality of life. Severe or unexpected angina is an indication of heart disease and requires immediate medical treatment What is Angina pectoris? Angina pectoris is chest pain due to an inadequate supply of oxygen to the heart … Read more