Abortion: How Abortion Affects Relationships

An unwanted pregnancy might make a satisfying relationship more difficult. Your pleasant morning texts have suddenly turned into challenging, unpleasant exchanges. Maybe you’re thinking about having an abortion, but you’re worried it would make things different between the two of you.

We are aware of how simple it is to spiral at times like this. You probably have a million what-if scenarios running through your head. Although we are unable to expect how exactly abortion can impact your relationship, we are aware of the psychological and emotional toll it can have. But you don’t have to let this choice ruin your relationship with him!

Will having an abortion affect my relationship?

The fact is that having an abortion while in a relationship makes it part of your shared past, but on the other hand, so does being pregnant. Your life and your relationship are meant to change, which is both good and unfortunate. We are meant to change and grow in life, yet occasionally things change negatively. Some relationships undergo significant change—a breakup, a shift in your usual dating routine, etc. “Abortion is frequently a negative turning point in a relationship, leaving scars that can undermine the future of the couple, either together or as individuals.”

How Does Abortion Affect Relationships?

Every relationship is impacted by abortion in a unique way. Some couples are able to quickly move on after deciding it’s the best course of action for them. Others may have a horrible experience with abortion, which causes the relationship to deteriorate over time. Abortion is sometimes really framed as solely a woman`s issue, when reality is that men also bear an immense responsibility for any pregnancy.

Despite this, research has shown that abortion frequently has a harmful impact on relationships.

For example, a research discovered:

  • Couples who had abortions were more likely to disagree over income and children.
  • Men whose partners had abortions described arguments about drugs and jealousy.
  • Women who had abortions were more likely to develop sexual dysfunction and were at an increased risk of domestic violence.

A number of emotions are frequently triggered by abortion. This may make it more difficult for you to process your ideas and feelings, communicate clearly with your partner, and resolve conflicts.

What Are the Mental Health Effects of Abortion?

Everyone reacts to abortion differently, as was already said above. Some women experience relief following an abortion. Others struggle with shame, worry, and sadness, whether it’s months or years after their abortion.

Relationships may be severely tense by intense sorrow and other mental health issues following an abortion, especially if you and your partner experienced the surgery differently. In order to make the greatest choice for your mental health, it’s crucial to understand how you feel about abortion and take into account all of your pregnancy alternatives.

Family Relations and Abortion

Abortion-related emotional consequences for women can include numbness, disrespect, and violence.

Relationships inside the family, particularly those with the woman’s parents and kids, may suffer as a result.

Women who have had abortions typically struggle to form close relationships with their current or future offspring. The likelihood of future children being abused has also increased.

Parents or a partner frequently pressure women into go through the operation. Feelings of disloyalty, anger, sadness, sorrow, and a loss of trust are brought on by this situation.

A guy may experience loss of power and pride if his wife or girlfriend has an abortion, especially if the operation was carried out without his consent.

What if I don’t tell anyone about Abortion?

Let’s say you keep quiet in the relationship about the abortion. All secrets will ultimately be revealed, just as in every relationship, therefore it’s preferable to be completely open and share this burden with others. When you share a load with two individuals rather than one, life is always simpler.

Many women have ambitions and goals they desire to realize. They are unsure of how they would care for a child. However, they are unsure about how they will feel about abortion as well. If you realize that you require counselling, you can assist in putting you in touch with the appropriate providers.


Like any terrible experience in a person’s life, abortion has a significant impact on a woman’s relationships. In addition to having a negative impact on their relationship, it may also harm the family dynamic in the long run.  Many women don’t take the time to think about the harm having an abortion will bring to their family and friends, often for the rest of their life.

For the rest of their lives, the connection between the partners who have an abortion is impacted. Similar to any significant loss, having an abortion is physically and emotionally distressing for both partners.

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