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Basics of Bone Cancer

Understanding the Basics of Bone Cancer [2023]: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Bone cancer is one of numerous types of cancer that occur in the bones. Primary bone cancers are tumors that start in the bone. Tumors that develop in the organs or other regions of the body can travel to the bones. Treatment options include surgery, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy. What is Bone Cancer? Bone cancer … Read more
Genital Herpes Causes

Genital Herpes Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Diagnosis

Genital herpes is an infection caused by a virus called the herpes simplex virus or HSV and it’s an extremely common infection. General herpes is spread from person to person through sex. People with genital herpes can herpes develop painful blisters or sores on their genitals or thighs or buttocks. What is Genital herpes? The … Read more

Abortion: How Abortion Affects Relationships

An unwanted pregnancy might make a satisfying relationship more difficult. Your pleasant morning texts have suddenly turned into challenging, unpleasant exchanges. Maybe you’re thinking about having an abortion, but you’re worried it would make things different between the two of you. We are aware of how simple it is to spiral at times like this. … Read more

Brain Attack : Stroke

A brain stroke is the same as a heart attack, which occurs when there is a problem with blood flow to a part of your brain. This can occur when blood vessels are blocked or blood vessels in your brain are blocked. Stroke is a life-threatening emergency and immediate medical care is critical to avoid … Read more

5 Ways to Know About Anxiety : Panic Attack

Fear affects everyone in different ways. Sometimes, fear and distress do not disappear or get worse over time. Here you will know about anxiety, the causes and methods of dealing with it. What is anxiety ? Anxiety is your natural reaction to stress. It is a feeling of fear and concern about what is coming. … Read more

What is Coronary Artery Disease : CAD

coronary artery disease develops when the coronary arteries become damaged or diseased. It is the most cause of major illnesses and deaths worldwide. Coronary heart diseases normally happens when fatty deposits called cholesterol accumulate on the artery walls, creating plaques. The arteries are tightening, making it difficult for blood to flow to the heart. What … Read more

What is Angina: Chest Pain, Symptom, Causes, Treatment

Angina is chest pain that occurs and disappears. There are various types of angina. Unstable angina is the most common type of angina caused by coronary artery disease. Rest and medication can alleviate angina and improve the quality of life. Severe or unexpected angina is an indication of heart disease and requires immediate medical treatment What is Angina pectoris? Angina pectoris is chest pain due to an inadequate supply of oxygen to the heart … Read more
what is diarrhea

How to Stop Diarrhea in Kids Fast

Diarrhea is a disease in which the solid waste of the body is more liquid than usual and is more frequently removed from the body. When we move our intestines loosely and watery, they have diarrhea. Diarrhea is a common symptom of children’s diseases. Rotaviruses cause children’s diarrhea. Diarrhea is also caused by bacteria, parasites, … Read more
Best food for healthy heart

Top 10 Foods For Healthy Heart: Try These Foods to Make Your Heart Healthy

Your lifestyle can increase your risk for heart disease. Eating a diet high in saturated fats, trans fat, and cholesterol has been linked to heart disease and related conditions, such as atherosclerosis. A healthy diet can help reduce your risk of developing coronary heart disease and stop you from gaining weight, reducing your risk of … Read more


Human body is an intricate biological system that depends on several hormones and enzymes to control vital physiological processes. The adrenal glands, pituitary glands, thyroid glands, and pancreas are a few of the organs and tissues that create hormones, which are chemical messengers. By controlling bodily functions including metabolism, growth and development, reproduction, and the … Read more